Coming Soon: Extreme Duty Plate Backers

Posted: August 29, 2014 in Swag

With the tremendous interest in the D-Rmor Gear Spall Guards, there have also been requests for a IIIA soft armor plate backer that exhibits similar workmanship, durability, and effectiveness.

I have listened, and am in the process of reviving the classic D-Rmor Plate Backer. Some of you may have purchased earlier versions some years ago, and the latest version (this will be 6.0!) will exceed all previous examples.

Will feature:

-100% pure woven Aramid construction
-Special construction methods to prevent wear-induced deterioration
-The use of Kevlar and Mil-Spec Nylon thread
-Enhanced design to minimize backface deformation
-Outer shell of 500D Cordura.
-Shooters cut that will work with most rifle plates on the market

Designed to hold up over years of hard use, it will have a *10 YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE* If for whatever reason the backer(s) experience workmanship or materials failure during the course of use during that time, I will repair or replace at my discretion.

No other piece of soft armor can currently claim that sort of longevity.

Furthermore, if it is used in a verified duty or self-defense event, I will replace it for FREE. No questions asked. Fully transferrable. Again, who else?

They will initially be available in 10″ X 12″ format, with other sizes to come.

Pricing is set at $130 individually, and $235 for a pair. Slightly more expensive than the garden variety soft armor backers, and actually less expensive than others. Worth every penny for the legion of extra benefits!

Please email me to get on a notification list. Availability will be October of 2014.

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