New Product Rollouts

Posted: January 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

In honor of SHOT Show 2019, D-Rmor Gear is proud to announce several upcoming new products, and a new direction for D-Rmor Gear as a whole.

For nearly five years, we have endeavored to keep up with the demand for our Original Spall Guards and Extreme Duty Plate Backers. New designs were created, but simple demands of time prevented us from bringing them out as quickly as we would have liked.

Last year, we released the revolutionary C2 armored pelvic concealment holster, and the response was gratifying.

This year, we are even more excited to announce nearly half a dozen unique and highly innovative products, some that have been in development for many years. While we will still be offering our Original Spall Guards and soft armor, they will no longer be our sole focus.

And as always, we thank our patrons, whose loyalty and input have made this possible.

Stay tuned!

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