A Reminder That All “Spall Shields” Are Not Equal

Posted: April 4, 2020 in Spall, Spall Guards

In the past few months, we have seen several different “Spall Shields” crop up, and want to remind anyone considering purchasing these that the D-Rmor Spall Guard is currently the -only- guard that is verified to protect against front face splash.

In fact, some “Spall Shields” actually make front face splash far worse. As has been mentioned before, simply slapping several layers of Aramid onto the front of a steel plate will -not- work. This will in fact cause the spall to travel between the Aramid and steel, and be focused into a “jet” of fast-moving fragments, directed at the face, throat, and arms.

There is a reason the D-Rmor Gear Spall Guard is more expensive, and takes longer to build: it is designed and refined over 16 years to be the best and most effective solution for protecting you from front face spall.

If you are tempted to purchase any of these knock-off “Spall Shields,” simply request to see pictorial or video proof that they function as advertised, in the same way that we have.

There’s no free lunch, and in the world of Spall protection, you get what you pay for.


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