Update- 11-10-2021

Posted: November 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

Well folks, we are finally getting caught up with our backlog of Spall Guards and Plate backers.

A couple of announcements are in order.

First off, our innnovative and effective Spall Guards are now available in the newest version 5.5.1, which upgrades the outer shell to lightweight and highly durable 500 Denier Fire Retardant Cordura Nylon, as well as additional minor structural enhancements to increase spall arrest and overall longevity of the system.

Secondly, our Extreme Duty Plate Backers and Cummerbund Panels got a similar upgrade with Version 6.5, which also features an outer shell of 500 Denier Fire Retardant Cordura Nylon. This provides extra durability, less system weight, with the result being a more effective protective package.

Finally, it is unfortunate that we must announce incipient price increases due to materials and fuel costs. We have done our best to keep prices unchanged for the past four years, even in the face of creeping costs, but unfortunately we will have to raise prices across the board by 5% beginning December 1st.

As always, we appreciate the loyal support of all of our end-users, and look forward to continue providing exceptional gear and service going forward.

*Cordura is a registered trademark of the DuPont De Nemours Corporation, D-Rmor Gear is not affiliated in any way with DuPont

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