*COMING SOON* CanGuard(TM) Extreme Duty Suppressor Shroud

Using the same advanced materials and innovative design found in D-Rmor Gear Spall Guards, the CanGuard(TM) Extreme Duty Suppressor Shroud will provide an unmatched level of safety, comfort, and awareness to those using rifle mounted sound suppressors.

Designed with the high volume semi- or full-auto shooter in mind, this shroud will be capable of withstanding sustained temps of over 1450 F (many carbon steels are quenched at near this temp).

Furthermore, the unique combination of materials will protect the shooter in the event of a baffle strike, containing any fragments created by this rare but dangerous occurrence.

Available first quarter of 2015. Looking for product testers to evaluate the performance of these shrouds. Must be high-volume shooter that is willing to provide a detailed AAR of your experience with the CanGuard(TM). Please email to inquire about evaluating the CanGuard(TM).

  1. Rob Hughes says:

    What Caliber`s are you lookng for ?

  2. Rob Hughes says:

    So what are you exactly looking for said voulnteers to do and provide ? Besides ammo, time and firearms ?

  3. drmorgear says:

    Rob, the goal is for those that already have a can, and shoot it (alot) to use the CanGuard during the normal course of training/practice. Document the results (“CanGuard melted” or “CanGuard was the most amazing piece of gear since MOLLE.”) Before and after pics. Number of rounds fired. I don’t want someone to have to change anything they already do, just volunteer to run the Guard on their Can for a number of weeks and see if they think it is a better piece of kit for those needing a heavier duty shroud.

    I have received lots of requests in the past several months to build this shroud, due to some high volume shooters experiencing horrible smells and other less than satisfactory results from the current batch of shrouds. Since I am a materials guy, I have designed (what I consider to be) a better shroud.

  4. Rob Hughes says:

    I just have a .22 lr supressor, mostly for farm stuff.

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