***COMING SOON*** D-Rmor Gear Blades!

Almost five years in the making, and coming Early summer 2017, D-Rmor Gear is proud to unleash the EDK series of blades. Designed from the ground up to incorporate the features and materials I most wanted to see in an everyday blade, to create the ultimate self-defense edged tool. The EDK (EveryDayKarambit(TM)) series consists of:

The EDK-1 Classic: Featuring a 2.95″ long blade (legal in most jurisdictions), this blade features a nickel boron coated CPM-3V V-grind, patterned after the classical tanto profile of ancient Japan and hardened to Rc-59. With a Karambit ring for quick access and retention, wrapped in rugged and grippy canvas micarta, this blade epitomizes effectiveness, durability, and aesthetics in one perfectly sized package. An Ultra-durable Black DLC or nickel boron finish completes the package.

The EDK-2 ViKarambit(TM): Patterned after the Viking Seax blade, this karambit features a 2.95″ long V-Ground, nickel boron coated or Black DLC CPM-3V blade hardened to Rc-59. Simple and to the point, the ViKarambit(TM) is there when you need it.

The EDK-3 KaramSeax(TM): This blade is pure business. With a reverse-edge 2.95″ long V-ground nickel boron coated CPM-3V blade, the KaramSeax(TM) is a specialized self-defense tool. If you are familiar with reverse-edge blades, this one is for you.

Each of these blades are hand-made in limited runs. Pricing is TBA.


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