***COMING SOON***Frag-Tuf(TM) Mag Pouches

After several years of design and re-design, Frag-Tuf(TM) mag pouches are just around the corner. Inspired by the concept embodied in the D-RmorGear Spall Guard, these mag pouches are reinforced with the same tough aramid material used in the guards.

When wearing magazine pouches, there is an ever-present risk of an incoming round hitting a full mag. When this happens it is very likely to cause extensive fragmentation of the stored ammo, and the primary and secondary frag poses severe risk of injury.

The Frag-Tuf pouches are designed to mitigate this risk, slowing and containing these fragments before they can cause harm.

Initially will be released in 30 round single AR pouches, these pouches are compatible with the excellent Tactical Tailor MALICE(TM) clips.

Coming Spring 2017


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