D-Rmor Gear Armor Material Field I.D. Guide, V2.1!



Back by popular demand, with improvements and additions! The D-Rmor Gear Armor Material Field I.D. Guide Version 2.1 solves a major issue with end-users: determining exactly what materials comprise their soft armor ballistic package.

With so many different materials being used in the construction of soft armor ballistics, it is often an insurmountable challenge for the wearer to know just what their vests are made with. With the notable issues with Zylon, it becomes even more critical to ensure they are not wearing inferior materials that could endanger their lives.

The D-Rmor Gear Field Guide solves this issue, by providing a compact, rugged set of laminated cards containing both detailed statistics, and actual sample swatches of all the most commonly encountered materials, from first generation woven aramid all the way up to the most cutting-edge fifth gen “wovenates.”

This handy, rugged package makes identification of vest materials simple and accurate, and provides vital information about the strengths and weaknesses of each type of material.

These guides are available in limited quantity for $15 shipped anywhere in CONUS. Please email D-Rmor Gear to order.


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