Here at D-Rmor Gear, we always try to provide the best estimate possible on delivery times for our products. Since most of our products are custom, everything is built to order.

Currently, due to massive order volumes, coupled with unprecedented supply chain interruptions, lead times may easily exceed 21 business days or more.

We always try to provide our end-users with our best, good-faith estimates at the time of ordering, but since we have no way of knowing what “interesting” new disruptions/developments may occur during that time, it can, and does, affect our delivery times.

We are working as hard as humanly possible to get everyone’s orders out to them as quickly as possible. Due to our remote location, our shipping is done once a week.

We sincerely thank everyone for their continued patience, support and understanding.


The D-Rmor Gear Team

Between 5-28 and 6-3 save 10% on all D-Rmor Gear soft armor- that’s our unmatched Extreme Duty Plate Backers and Cummerbund panels, the -only- soft armor in the industry to provide no B.S., laminate and UHMWPE-free ballistic packages, including our first-in-industry 10 year replacement guarantee (if our soft armor is used in a documented self-defense or duty scenario, we replace or repair, fully transferrable, for 10 years from purchase).

Use code “Armorial21” in your order email to get your 10% off, and thanks to all those that served America!

A Quick Reassurance…

Posted: May 3, 2021 in Uncategorized

Over the past two months, we here at D-Rmor Gear have been inundated with emails from people all over the country, concerned about the current state of the world, and America in particular.

One thing in particular was brought up on numerous occasions: what did we think about the recent “newspaper” article published (in an admittedly irrelevant, never-was rag) calling for restrictions or prohibitions on American Civilian ownership of “tactical gear” and body armor?

It is important that this be put to bed with alacrity.

D-Rmor Gear is absolutely committed to providing both our Peace Officers and Lawful Civilians with the best, no-compromise gear and Personal Protective Equipment for the protection of life, peace, and the upholding of The Public Law. We will never, ever concede or yield to pressure regarding this commitment.

The safety and security of all Lawful Americans, Civilian and Peace Officer, is of paramount importance, and guides our Mission Statement and our purpose for existing.

So rest easy, and know that we here at D-Rmor Gear will always have your back.

Well, this past year D-Rmor Gear has been running non-stop to fulfill unprecedented order volumes and demand.

You, our faithful patrons, have been patient and understanding with us. We have been so busy that we had not been able to let everyone know that our ground breaking, flagship (and still singularly effective) Spall Guard received a Block improvement.

We updated our Version 5.1 Guards to version 5.5.

The changes include:

-Addition of a third type of proprietary/custom-milled advanced material

-Commensurate reduction in bulk and mass, while increasing effectiveness

-Increased multi-hit performance

We are quite proud of our continued innovation, and even though the new version is more costly, the price structure remains the same as the older version 5.1 Guards. We believe that especially now, it is vital to get good gear inton the hands of good people.

Order queue is now open, and our lead time is right at 21 days from receipt of payment to shipping.

Thanks to everyone for their support and continued strong support!

The roller-coaster of 2020 is not over (I know, I know), but unlike the constant deluge of negative news elsewhere, we at D-Rmor Gear have some positive updates for our loyal patrons, end-users, and supporters as we head into 2021:

1) D-Rmor Gear will be offering new and advanced soft armor package options for 2021, including concealable vest models, including upgrade panels for those with existing carriers, new options for Plate Carriers, and some really interesting deep concealable options.

2) Advanced custom concealable soft armor carriers, using advanced materials to enhance comfort, concealability, and harsh environment protection.

3) A further design enhancement for our classic Spall Guard (Version 5.5)!

As always, stay tuned, and Merry Christmas!

***Update 9-21-2020***

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Due to overwhelming volume of orders, we at D-Rmor Gear are not currently accepting orders for Spall Guards, Pouches, Slings or Canine Gear, in order to focus on our Soft and Hard armor.

D-Rmor Gear Extreme Duty Plate Backers, Cummerbund panels, and our forthcoming Ultimate Rifle Plates and Plate Backers will be our sole focus for the near term.

Our apologies for those on the wait list for Spall Guards, if we did not get to you, please check back in a few months, or send us an email to get placed on the notification list.

We thank everyone for their continued patience.

The D-Rmor Gear Team

In the past few months, we have seen several different “Spall Shields” crop up, and want to remind anyone considering purchasing these that the D-Rmor Spall Guard is currently the -only- guard that is verified to protect against front face splash.

In fact, some “Spall Shields” actually make front face splash far worse. As has been mentioned before, simply slapping several layers of Aramid onto the front of a steel plate will -not- work. This will in fact cause the spall to travel between the Aramid and steel, and be focused into a “jet” of fast-moving fragments, directed at the face, throat, and arms.

There is a reason the D-Rmor Gear Spall Guard is more expensive, and takes longer to build: it is designed and refined over 16 years to be the best and most effective solution for protecting you from front face spall.

If you are tempted to purchase any of these knock-off “Spall Shields,” simply request to see pictorial or video proof that they function as advertised, in the same way that we have.

There’s no free lunch, and in the world of Spall protection, you get what you pay for.

We wanted to let all our loyal patrons know that we here at D-Rmor Gear are working night and day to fulfill unprecedented order volumes. We are prioritizing soft armor and Spall Guard Orders right now, and are currently running about 14-18 days behind.

Please contact us if you would like to be placed in the order queue.

We will continue providing essential gear for American Civlians, and we thank you for your support!

The D-rmor Gear Team

Just a reminder to our loyal patrons, there are some screaming deals here at D-Rmor Gear through December 5th. Take 15% off our new Gen 5 Spall Guard with the code TURKEY15. And be the first on your block to up-armor your Canine companion with our new FenriR series Armored Collar Systems, take 15% off either the Ragnarok or Recon with code BORK15.

We thank you for a great year, and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and tremendous 2020.

Here at D-Rmor Gear, we’re no strangers to innovation. Our Original Spall Guard hit the scene over 12 years ago to fill a much-needed requirement for users of steel rifle plates. Our C2 Armored Deep Concealment Holster. Our AE-SIR Rifle Sling. The list goes on.

Now, we’ve done it again.

Introducing the Ragnarok and Recon Armor-capable Canine Collar systems.

The need for Canine protective gear has never been greater, and here at D-Rmor Gear, the safety and happiness of our Canine partners is of paramount importance. And while there are collars that provide cut, bite, claw, spike and even ballistic protection, they are dedicated to a single purpose. We set out to create a collar with a Tactical pedigree that any working dog can appreciate, Civilian, Military, or LEO, that also provides limitless flexibility, with the world’s first user-configurable/swappable Threat Protective Inserts. No need to have three or four different collars to meet different mission requirements. One collar can be configured for any conceivable use.

The Ragnarok is our heavy-duty Armored Collar. Constructed of the toughest 1000D Solution-dyed Cordura Nylon, it laughs at harsh environments. With two rows of MOLLE-spec webbing around the circumference, two ITW Nexus D-Rings for leashes and retention systems, and mirrored loops for split-bar side release buckles and integration with other gear or armor, the Ragnarok boasts our 3″ wide Threat Protective Insert.

This Collar is serious business, but it’s also comfortable, thanks to our specially designed inner surface that provides a channel for perspiration and comfort, with loop surface to give your Canine a soft-feel with no potential for hot-spots from prolonged wear. And to ensure the Ragnarok stays put not matter what evolutions your dog gets into, it is secured by both hook and loop on the main body, and mil-spec ITW Nexus QUASM buckles combined with ITW G-Hooks that interface with the MOLLE. Adjustments are simple, quick, and fine-grained.

The Threat Protective Insert is the heart of the system, and this is where the system really shines. Using our simple and innovative PullThru system, end-users can swap out inserts in seconds to meet changing needs or mission parameters. Each Insert is a sealed, self-contained panel. And even the baseline level of protection, TnC-1, easily beats every HogDog and Cut Collar currently available in protective ability.

The Recon is our smaller, more agile Armored Collar System, but is no less tough. Where speed, stealth, and lightness are more important, while still providing safety and protection to your Canine partner, the Recon delivers. Constructed of the same 1000D Cordura as the Ragnarok, it is no slouch in the durability department. With our 2″ wide Threat Protective Insert, you don’t have to sacrifice peace of mind while in predator country or on the street. The Recon provides a single row of MOLLE-spec webbing, an ITW Nexus D-Ring and mirrored loop for leashes, retention systems, and integration with other armor or gear. Comfort is enhanced with the same perspiration channel and loop inner surface as the Ragnarok. The Recon is light, fast, and versatile, while still keeping your Canine’s most vulnerable area covered.

Both Ragnarok and Recon come standard with our TnC-1 (Tooth n’ Claw Level 1) Threat Protective Insert. Developed over the course of five years, the TnC-1 is a synergistic package that provides extreme protection against bites, claws, cuts, and slashes (from feral Hogs, Predators, and similar). Other insert options include TnC-2 (for the highest level of protection from natural threats), Ballistic-1, Ballistic-2, and Ballistic-3 (providing protection against handgun rounds), and our Hybrid-1 and Hybrid-2 (providing mixed threat protection against both cuts/slashes/stabs and ballistic threats). We can also build a Threat Protective Insert to your exacting specifications and anticipated threat.

And, like all D-Rmor Gear products, the Ragnarok and the Recon come with a lifetime guarantee, fully transferrable, on materials and workmanship. The Threat Protective Inserts come with a 5-year guarantee, fully transferrable, on materials and workmanship.

The Ragnarok and Recon come in two sizes, Sm/Med and Lg/XL. Special order XXL+ can be provided. Available in Coyote, Multicam, and Black, with special order colors available on a limited basis (contact us).

For best fit, please supply your dog’s neck circumference prior to ordering.

The Ragnarok is priced at $199/219 for Sm/Med and Lg/XL, and includes a TnC-1 Insert

The Recon is priced at $159/$179 for Sm/Med and Lg/XL, and includes a TnC-1 Insert

For pricing on additional Threat Protective Inserts, please contact us.

Our Armored Collar Systems are designed and built to last…until after the last day.