After a rather long hiatus, we have updated the ever-popular Recommended Armor/Gear Database. There have been some interesting (and surprising) additions, and sadly some items became unobtainable for various reasons.

But time and gear marches forward! Thanks for your patience. Check out the updated page here:


Over the past 15 years, we have been designing, building, innovating, and improving armor, tactical gear, and related equipment. Our philosophy has ever been, “there’s no such thing as over-engineering, merely proper engineering.” After wearing out, destroying, and dissecting more pieces of personal gear than we can recount, there were some themes that kept repeating: stitching geometry, materials, and design are all critical. It sounds like common sense, but after witnessing many gear failures, and tracing them to their causes, we saw that common sense is not so common.

We began to design gear that incorporated advanced materials. Materials normally only found in ballistic armor, such as Kevlar and Twaron. We sought out the best materials, and when they couldn’t be found, we had them custom milled to our specifications. And we realized that using ballistic-rated materials could enhance the overall protective capabilities of the entire system, meaning that pouches and load-bearing gear was no longer pure parasitic weight.

The results of that decade of design, planning, innovation and re-design are now available to you, a dividend that you can benefit from when you purchase any of our FragTuf(TM) gear.

When you see the FragTuf(TM) name, it means that the item is stronger, lighter, better. There are three levels of FragTuf(TM) construction:

FragTuf-A: Utilizes our signature dual-stitching, combining mil-spec Kevlar and Nylon. Can also include advanced HANK (High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar) laminate.

FragTuf-B: Includes everything found in FragTuf-A, but goes a step further, and contains between one and three layers of fifth-generation woven ballistic aramid.

FragTuf-C The most rugged FragTuf gear includes everything A and B has, with the addition of our custom-milled SpallGuard aramid material, usually in places other makers would use mundane padding.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive line of gear, that is both universally compatible with everything we make, as well as interchangeable and compatible with as much extant gear (current, future, and legacy) as possible. To give you the absolute maximum number of possibilities in setting up your kit, with the absolute best quality and durability.

Here at D-Rmor Gear, we are always striving to give the end-user more options, and more ways to solve gear problems. We believe that the best way to do that is provide as close to limitless versatility, modularity, and compatibility as we can.

Enter the D-Rmor Gear FragTuf 360 panel! As the name suggests this panel provides you with 360 degree load-carriage options. With three rows of four-column MOLLE, and nine integral 1″ loops on the front, and both 2″ webbing slots AND belt-loop attachment points on the rear, it is up to you how to use it. Just a few of the possibilities include:

Low-Profile/Minimalist Chest Rig (When combined with our forthcoming Universal Suspension Rig)
Drop-Leg Panel (When combined with our forthcoming Drop-Leg Suspension Kit)
Shoulder-Rig Panel (When combined with our forthcoming Shoulder Rig Kit)
Minimalist Rear-Panel Add-On for Chest Rigs
Micro-Cummerbund Panel
Daisy-Chained Bandoleer (Connect multiple 360 panels together with split-bar SR buckles)
Ruck Panel (Interior or Exterior)

Compatible with 1″ split-bar side release buckles, ITW Nexus G-Hooks, and 1″ up to 2″ webbing, we give you the option to use it as you see best.

And, because it is constructed of D-Rmor Gear’s Innovative and Industry-Leading FragTuf technology, this panel outshines everything else out there: it contains two layers of woven fifth-generation ballistic Aramid, and is sewn at critical points with our dual Nylon/Kevlar stitching method. FragTuf technology both ensures your gear holds together through the most challenging situations, as well as enhancing the overall protective value of your entire kit.

The 360 Panel boasts a FragTuf-B rating.

And because we are looking forward, all of our gear is designed with an eye toward seamless integration with our forthcoming Load Bearing Vests, Plate Carriers, and Chest Rigs.

Finally, what would D-Rmor Gear be without our guarantee? The 360 panel comes with our no-BS, fully transferable lifetime guarantee. If you break it, get it back to us and we will repair or replace at our discretion. Just tell us how you managed to break it!


Material: Mil-Spec/Berry Compliant 1000 or 500 Denier Solution-Dyed NIR Compliant Cordura Nylon
Thread: Mil-Spec/Berry Compliant size 69 Nylon and Kevlar
1″ Mil-Spec/Berry Compliant webbing, compatible with 1″ Hardware, cable routing
2 Layers Fifth Generation woven aramid (Kevlar or Twaron)
100% Designed, Tested, Constructed on America

Available in your choice of:
500 and 1000 Denier Coyote Cordura
500 and 1000 Denier Multicam Cordura
500 Denier Black FR Cordura
500 Denier Coyote FR Cordura

With more color options on the way. Pricing is $59 per panel. Order yours today!

Everyone loves Kydex. It makes for durable, lightweight, rigid holsters, mag pouches, and knife sheaths.

However if you want to attach a Kydex sheath to a MOLLE panel, or have a blade you want to run on a dundee rig, a drop-leg setup, or attach to a pack…the Kydex leaves much to be desired. Zip-ties or paracord lashing keep the low-profile of the original sheath, but are somewhat…low-speed. Other methods using screws and polymer hardware work, but add significant weight and bulk.

Enter the D-Rmor Gear KTM (Kydex-To-Molle) sheath adapter. Constructed of 1″ Mil-spec nylon webbing and rugged 500 denier solution-dyed Cordura, the KTM adapter gives you an abundance of mounting options. With the use of ITW G-Hooks, Tactical Tailor MALICE Clips, or split-bar side release buckles, you can mount your knife tip-up, tip-down, or horizontally. Set it up as a Dundee shoulder rig, a drop-leg rig, or mount it to your ruck or plate carrier. The KTM boasts four mounting loops and double-sided MOLLE compatible mounting webbing, in addition to a paracord tie-down integral to the design.

The KTM offers positive integration and retention of the Kydex and KTM, resulting in a secure, comfortable, versatile, and low-profile upgrade to your favorite sheath and blade combo.

Intended to work with quality Kydex sheaths (such as those offered by Al Welke of AZWelke Sheaths), the KTM can be crafted for both pancake and taco style kydex sheaths.

Pricing will vary by size, knife shown is a Busse SWatmandu Taco sheath by AZWelke, and would run $49 as-equipped (sheath and blade NOT included). Each KTM is customized to your sheath, and requires end-user to mail sheath with payment.

Color options are Coyote, Black, Multicam.

Taking pre-orders, contact us today to discuss having yours made!

If you carry a magazine-fed long gun, it’s a snap finding good pouches. There’s a virtually endless selection.

Carry a shotgun? You have about three choices: cumbersome pouches, even more cumbersome bandoleers, or cards. And most if not all of those cards use elastic that goes flaccid after use. Not something you want retaining your ammo in a critical situation.

With an eye towards fixing that, D-Rmor Gear has developed the Enhanced Shotgun Card. Built with the usual D-Rmor Gear attention to detail, the FragTuf(TM) Enhanced shotgun cards go far beyond the norm.

Incorporating D-Rmor Gear’s new FragTuf(TM) technology, all critical seams boast dual-stitched mil-spec Nylon AND mil-spec Kevlar thread. The shotshells are retained, not with wimpy elastic (that WILL lose its tension in short order), but with MIL-A-A-55301 IR/Berry compliant webbing. A Trelleborg AB HANK pull-tab completes this rugged ensemble. The hook-covered rear surface allows mounting to any loop-covered field.

And as if all of that isn’t enough, the Enhanced Shotgun cards come with an unlimited, lifetime, fully-transferrable no-bs guarantee. If you break it (and please tell us how you managed that!), just get it back to us, and we will repair or replace at our discretion.

Initially available in 3-, 5-, and 7-shell configurations, the D-Rmor Gear Enhanced Shotgun Card can be had in Black, Coyote, and Multicam colorways.

Normally priced at $15, $18, and $22 respectively, get yours at the pre-sale price of $12, $15, and $19! (Pre-sale good through February 1st).

Get your D-Rmor Gear Enhanced Shotgun Cards, and start showing your shotgun some love!

Every once in a while, an old design needs an update. Sometimes it’s small, and sometimes it’s big. We think the new D-Rmor Gear HatchBack Shotshell Card falls into the latter category.

If you carry a shotgun and a plate carrier, you know that there isn’t very much love from the gear world. There are either cumbersome cards that don’t really fit, or bandoleers/slings with elastic that wears out and drops shells when you need them most. And then, you have the choice of either MOLLE, or loop backed carriers, but you have to choose one.

Enter the HatchBack. Designed to do three things better than any other shotshell carrier on the market:

-To SECURELY hold three 12G shotshells of any size, while allowing quick access


-To enable the card to be used on either MOLLE grids OR loop fields.


-To exceed the durability of any extant shotshell card

To address the first criteria, D-Rmor Gear created a card that utilizes 1″ Berry and IR compliant Nylon webbing, which firmly grips the shells, and will not fray, sag, or lose elasticity (like ALL elastic shell holders will with use). Is it more difficult to build? You bet. But once you try it, you will realize why it leaves elastic shell holders in the dust.

The second criteria is where the HatchBack gets its name. With the use of Velcro OneWrap(TM), the Hatchback lets the user go from MOLLE to loop field in seconds. On MOLLE fields, a front flap protects the shells while keeping them at the ready, while for loop-field use, the shells are free to be used in either orientation.

The final criteria is fulfilled courtesy of D-Rmor Gear’s revolutionary FragTuf(TM) construction methods. Using a dual-stitching method, we combine mil-spec Nylon AND mil-spec Kevlar thread into every critical seam, as well as incorporating Trelleborg AB’s rugged HANK material.

No other shotshell card offers you the versatility, security, and durability of the HatchBack. Made with innovation and the absolute best materials and workmanship available.

Plus, it comes with a lifetime, unconditional, fully transferable, no-BS guarantee. If you break it (and please tell us how you managed it!), just get it back to us, and we will repair or replace at our discretion.

Initially available in Black, Coyote, and Multicam, with more options planned.

Pricing is $32, with a special pre-sale price of $26 until February 1st.

Get your HatchBack, and show your shotgun some love.


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Now until 1200 hrs EST February 1st, take 10% off every single product offered by D-Rmor Gear (does not apply to pre-sale offers).

Send an email with the code SHOT2019 in the subject line, along with your order.

Thanks for your continued support!

After five years of testing, design, retesting, and redesign, the wait is over: announcing the D-Rmor Gear Enhanced Weapons Sling.

With so many slings on the market, how could there be any room for improvement? Well, for starters:

-Trelleborg AB HANK or low-profile padded shoulder pad

-Ruggedly built, with all critical seams stitched with both mil-spec Nylon and Kevlar threads

-Convertible 2-1 with two onboard methods, with emergency bailout Ghillietex buckle or Nexus D-ring for HK clips.

-Primary body made from MIL-A-A-55301 IR and Berry compliant 1″ webbing to be compatible with ALL end-user sling hardware.

-24 inches of built in adjustment, with 13″ of quick adjust.

-Unconditional, no-BS lifetime guarantee, repair or replace.

Finally, in spite of the premium materials, the extra time required to build, and the innovation, the AE-SIR was intended to be as affordable as possible. You don’t have to break the bank to equip all of your long guns with what we believe is one of the best slings for the money.

Available in Black, Coyote, Multicam Original, Multicam Black, Multicam Alpine, ATACS-AU, ATACS-FG, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Mandrake, and Kryptek Highlander, with more patterns planned.

Pricing is normally $44, and $51 (for the XL and Padded versions respectively) per sling, but limited pre-sale price is $39 and $46 per sling (pre-sale ends Feb 1st).

For more details, go here:

Proudly handmade in America by dedicated craftsmen, committed to excellence.

New Product Rollouts

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In honor of SHOT Show 2019, D-Rmor Gear is proud to announce several upcoming new products, and a new direction for D-Rmor Gear as a whole.

For nearly five years, we have endeavored to keep up with the demand for our Original Spall Guards and Extreme Duty Plate Backers. New designs were created, but simple demands of time prevented us from bringing them out as quickly as we would have liked.

Last year, we released the revolutionary C2 armored pelvic concealment holster, and the response was gratifying.

This year, we are even more excited to announce nearly half a dozen unique and highly innovative products, some that have been in development for many years. While we will still be offering our Original Spall Guards and soft armor, they will no longer be our sole focus.

And as always, we thank our patrons, whose loyalty and input have made this possible.

Stay tuned!

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And to all those that supported D-Rmor Gear during 2018, a heartfelt thanks.

2019 promises to be an even better year, with several new, exciting gear releases scheduled for SHOT Show.

Stay tuned to the site for updates, teases, and full release details.