**NEW** The D-Rmor Gear Armometer(TM)

Spectra and Dyneema laminates are light and strong, but expose them to temperatures exceeding 170 F and they revert to garden variety Polyethylene (milk jug plastic).

I took it upon myself to design a simple, inexpensive solution to one of the biggest weaknesses inherent in this potentially excellent material.

To keep you safe, and monitor your armor’s potentially devastating heat exposure, there is now the Armometer(TM) (Armor Thermometer)! A thermal dashboard for your armor, it ensures that you always know if your armor has been exposed to unsafe temperatures.

Constructed to withstand the wear and tear your soft armor, rifle plate, or helmet will be subjected to, it also includes a data segment to record the details of the panel it is monitoring.

Simple, unobtrusive, and inexpensive, the Armometer(TM) is designed to stay with the piece of protective gear for its entire life, monitoring thermal exposure and ensuring your armor is good to go when you need it.

The Armometer(TM):

-Verifies your armor is safe
-Is light, durable, and unobtrusive
-Increases the resale value of your armor
-Provides you with an extra measure of insurance
-Helps organize multiple pieces of gear

Scenario: Your plate carrier (with full front, rear, and side armor panels and plates, all containing UHMWPE (Spectra or Dyneema)) is accidentally left in the car on a hot day. You discover this too late, but have no way of knowing if the temps went over 170 F in the trunk (well within reason on a 100+ F day). Is your armor still good? Will it still protect against bullets, or is it nothing more than soft plastic? You have well over $1K invested in your armor alone, and now it is potentially junk. And you are not the gambling type. For around 2% of the value of that armor, you could have equipped it with the Armometer(TM), and been SURE.

Who needs the Armometer(TM): Anyone with hard or soft armor containing Spectra or Dyneema (UHMWPE) should use the Armometer(TM) to ensure their armor remains safe. If you are not sure if your armor contains this material, see my tutorial on body armor materials ID:


The Armometer(TM) is $12 for the first, and $10 for each additional unit, shipping included anywhere in CONUS.



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