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Over the past 20 years, we have tried most, if not all, of the Canine gear on the market. It all fell into one of two categories: not durable enough, or uncomfortable to the dog. Often an unhappy combination of both.

We realized that in order to have the best, we would have to build it.

And so FenriR by D-Rmor Gear was born.

Designed from the ground up to be the toughest, most innovative, and most comfortable Canine gear available, FenriR leaves nothing out, cuts no corners, and pushes the limits. We believe every dog is worth the best, be they Civilian, military, or LEO, and our gear is designed to let you customize and adapt to yours and your dog’s requirements. Regardless of whether it ends up on a security K9, a Hogdog, or a hiking companion in predator county, FenriR gear is designed to protect and perform.

FenriR is also designed to work and function as a whole: all our parts fit together, and often can be adapted in ways we hadn’t considered. Having more options is always better.

Finally, because Dogs are our partners and pals, we tried to make this stuff comfortable to wear for long periods without chafing or hot spots. What’s the point in having something that protects the dog, if the dog is hating life while it’s being protected?

Give us a try. All our products are Lab-tested (he’s actually a mix, but there’s plenty of Lab in there…) to the very highest standards of durability. And as always, if you need something modified, we can oblige.

FenriR…built to last beyond the last day.