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Well, you ask, we listen. It seems that there are a lot more scattergun users out there than we thought, and while our standard FragTuf Enhanced Shotshell Cards have been well-received, there are a lot of guys and gals that wanted to be able to use them on-gun, stuck to the receiver.

Since the standard Enhanced Shotshell Cards are designed for use on a Plate Carrier or other loop surface, we decided to design something that would make these shotgunners happy.

Enter the FragTuf Micro Enhanced Shotshell Card!

Designed to hold 3 12G shells, while having a small enough footprint to fit on your Remington 870, Mossberg 500 Series, or Benelli (and most other shotguns). Need more shells? Two of these will fit side by side on most recievers, giving you six rounds, and the ability to swap out three shells at a time (instead of having to peel off all six if you want to candy-stripe your buck and slugs).

Initially available in Black and Coyote, with Multicam coming soon, these are proudly offered at $17 each.

Order yours, and start showing your shotty some (more) love!