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Well, you ask, we listen. It seems that there are a lot more scattergun users out there than we thought, and while our standard FragTuf Enhanced Shotshell Cards have been well-received, there are a lot of guys and gals that wanted to be able to use them on-gun, stuck to the receiver.

Since the standard Enhanced Shotshell Cards are designed for use on a Plate Carrier or other loop surface, we decided to design something that would make these shotgunners happy.

Enter the FragTuf Micro Enhanced Shotshell Card!

Designed to hold 3 12G shells, while having a small enough footprint to fit on your Remington 870, Mossberg 500 Series, or Benelli (and most other shotguns). Need more shells? Two of these will fit side by side on most recievers, giving you six rounds, and the ability to swap out three shells at a time (instead of having to peel off all six if you want to candy-stripe your buck and slugs).

Initially available in Black and Coyote, with Multicam coming soon, these are proudly offered at $17 each.

Order yours, and start showing your shotty some (more) love!

Over the past 15 years, we have been designing, building, innovating, and improving armor, tactical gear, and related equipment. Our philosophy has ever been, “there’s no such thing as over-engineering, merely proper engineering.” After wearing out, destroying, and dissecting more pieces of personal gear than we can recount, there were some themes that kept repeating: stitching geometry, materials, and design are all critical. It sounds like common sense, but after witnessing many gear failures, and tracing them to their causes, we saw that common sense is not so common.

We began to design gear that incorporated advanced materials. Materials normally only found in ballistic armor, such as Kevlar and Twaron. We sought out the best materials, and when they couldn’t be found, we had them custom milled to our specifications. And we realized that using ballistic-rated materials could enhance the overall protective capabilities of the entire system, meaning that pouches and load-bearing gear was no longer pure parasitic weight.

The results of that decade of design, planning, innovation and re-design are now available to you, a dividend that you can benefit from when you purchase any of our FragTuf(TM) gear.

When you see the FragTuf(TM) name, it means that the item is stronger, lighter, better. There are three levels of FragTuf(TM) construction:

FragTuf-A: Utilizes our signature dual-stitching, combining mil-spec Kevlar and Nylon. Can also include advanced HANK (High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar) laminate.

FragTuf-B: Includes everything found in FragTuf-A, but goes a step further, and contains between one and three layers of fifth-generation woven ballistic aramid.

FragTuf-C The most rugged FragTuf gear includes everything A and B has, with the addition of our custom-milled SpallGuard aramid material, usually in places other makers would use mundane padding.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive line of gear, that is both universally compatible with everything we make, as well as interchangeable and compatible with as much extant gear (current, future, and legacy) as possible. To give you the absolute maximum number of possibilities in setting up your kit, with the absolute best quality and durability.