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Here at D-Rmor Gear, we are always striving to give the end-user more options, and more ways to solve gear problems. We believe that the best way to do that is provide as close to limitless versatility, modularity, and compatibility as we can.

Enter the D-Rmor Gear FragTuf 360 panel! As the name suggests this panel provides you with 360 degree load-carriage options. With three rows of four-column MOLLE, and nine integral 1″ loops on the front, and both 2″ webbing slots AND belt-loop attachment points on the rear, it is up to you how to use it. Just a few of the possibilities include:

Low-Profile/Minimalist Chest Rig (When combined with our forthcoming Universal Suspension Rig)
Drop-Leg Panel (When combined with our forthcoming Drop-Leg Suspension Kit)
Shoulder-Rig Panel (When combined with our forthcoming Shoulder Rig Kit)
Minimalist Rear-Panel Add-On for Chest Rigs
Micro-Cummerbund Panel
Daisy-Chained Bandoleer (Connect multiple 360 panels together with split-bar SR buckles)
Ruck Panel (Interior or Exterior)

Compatible with 1″ split-bar side release buckles, ITW Nexus G-Hooks, and 1″ up to 2″ webbing, we give you the option to use it as you see best.

And, because it is constructed of D-Rmor Gear’s Innovative and Industry-Leading FragTuf technology, this panel outshines everything else out there: it contains two layers of woven fifth-generation ballistic Aramid, and is sewn at critical points with our dual Nylon/Kevlar stitching method. FragTuf technology both ensures your gear holds together through the most challenging situations, as well as enhancing the overall protective value of your entire kit.

The 360 Panel boasts a FragTuf-B rating.

And because we are looking forward, all of our gear is designed with an eye toward seamless integration with our forthcoming Load Bearing Vests, Plate Carriers, and Chest Rigs.

Finally, what would D-Rmor Gear be without our guarantee? The 360 panel comes with our no-BS, fully transferable lifetime guarantee. If you break it, get it back to us and we will repair or replace at our discretion. Just tell us how you managed to break it!


Material: Mil-Spec/Berry Compliant 1000 or 500 Denier Solution-Dyed NIR Compliant Cordura Nylon
Thread: Mil-Spec/Berry Compliant size 69 Nylon and Kevlar
1″ Mil-Spec/Berry Compliant webbing, compatible with 1″ Hardware, cable routing
2 Layers Fifth Generation woven aramid (Kevlar or Twaron)
100% Designed, Tested, Constructed on America

Available in your choice of:
500 and 1000 Denier Coyote Cordura
500 and 1000 Denier Multicam Cordura
500 Denier Black FR Cordura
500 Denier Coyote FR Cordura

With more color options on the way. Pricing is $59 per panel. Order yours today!