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Status Update

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Due to continuing obligations and personal matters, D-Rmor Gear is being placed into a state of temporary hiatus. I have received massive numbers of emails requesting information about ordering spall guards, plate backers, and other products (as well as many well-wishers and concerned inquiries, thank you very much!). I want to let everyone know that I -WILL- return to building Guards, Backers, and all the standard D-Rmor Gear items, as well as bringing many new ones to the table. At this time, however, it looks like it may be several months until this can happen. I have limited internet access in my current situation, and will try to provide an update around the middle of January.

To all my loyal customers and friends, thank you for your concerns, your reassuring and supportive words, and may your Holidays be blessed, peaceful, and healthy.