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The roller-coaster of 2020 is not over (I know, I know), but unlike the constant deluge of negative news elsewhere, we at D-Rmor Gear have some positive updates for our loyal patrons, end-users, and supporters as we head into 2021:

1) D-Rmor Gear will be offering new and advanced soft armor package options for 2021, including concealable vest models, including upgrade panels for those with existing carriers, new options for Plate Carriers, and some really interesting deep concealable options.

2) Advanced custom concealable soft armor carriers, using advanced materials to enhance comfort, concealability, and harsh environment protection.

3) A further design enhancement for our classic Spall Guard (Version 5.5)!

As always, stay tuned, and Merry Christmas!

In the past few months, we have seen several different “Spall Shields” crop up, and want to remind anyone considering purchasing these that the D-Rmor Spall Guard is currently the -only- guard that is verified to protect against front face splash.

In fact, some “Spall Shields” actually make front face splash far worse. As has been mentioned before, simply slapping several layers of Aramid onto the front of a steel plate will -not- work. This will in fact cause the spall to travel between the Aramid and steel, and be focused into a “jet” of fast-moving fragments, directed at the face, throat, and arms.

There is a reason the D-Rmor Gear Spall Guard is more expensive, and takes longer to build: it is designed and refined over 16 years to be the best and most effective solution for protecting you from front face spall.

If you are tempted to purchase any of these knock-off “Spall Shields,” simply request to see pictorial or video proof that they function as advertised, in the same way that we have.

There’s no free lunch, and in the world of Spall protection, you get what you pay for.

We are celebrating the perfect storm of massive quantities of food, the release of our new Gen 5 Spall Guard, and the official start of Holiday craziness by offering a screaming deal. Now through December 5th, take 15% of all Gen 5 Spall Guard orders, just use the promo code TURKEY15 in your order to save big on the best Spall Guards available!


Well, as you know, we at D-Rmor Gear are not afraid to upset the apple cart. This time, we flipped it several times, and made pie with the results. Delicious, delicious pie.

The Gen 5 Spall guard is the culmination of every lesson learned in over 12 years of creating spall mitigation for steel plates. More effective, more durable, and more versatile.

The Gen 5 gives the end user a custom-tailored (no one-size-fits-all solutions here) Guard that can be run in one of two configurations: 360, or 180. In the 360 configuration, the Guard provides all around coverage, while in the 180 configuration, the Guard provides protection to the most vital areas only (face, neck/throat). You decide how much protection you need.

Made from the same virtually indestructible 1000D Cordura outer shell, and our specially constructed combination of woven, proprietary non-woven, and wovenate aramid, the D-Rmor Gear Gen 5 Spall Guard was worth the wait!

Order yours today!

We here at D-Rmor Gear are very excited to announce that our newest Version 5.0 Spall Guard is nearing release. To all of our patient patrons, this means it’s time to get on the notification list. Email us today to secure your place in line for the newest and best Spall Guard ever!

Info can be found here:

To contact us, go here:

To everybody who contacted me and ordered in 2017, my heartfelt thanks. Though a challenging year, it also saw a lot of great things. 2018 promises to be even better.

A couple changes are coming to the site:

First off, I will be adding a page for in-stock items. As I catch up on my backlog, and bring new developments out, I will at times have an item or two available for immediate purchase. Check back often, as it will be fluid.

Secondly, I have been asked why I am requiring an NDA for my spall guards. In as few words as possible, it is the only way for a small fish like myself to protect my intellectual property. It has come to my attention that last year, my proprietary technology was nearly misappropriated. As a result, I require an NDA for spall guards. I appreciate the inquiries regarding this.

Finally, there are several new items coming down the pike! 2017 saw the release of D-Rmor Gear Blades, 2018 will see two or three (possibly more) new additions!

Again, I thank everyone for their continued support and kind words of encouragement. It really does make a difference.

I have known for quite some time that D-Rmor Gear Splash/Frag guards were causing quite a stir. And that it was only a matter of time before others started copying my design in earnest. Well, it looks like the good folks at have decided to flatter me by attempting to copy my design:

I am flattered that they acknowledge the efficacy of my design. And encourage folks to review my guards, compare the pricing, the specs, and the fact that I have been doing this for a lot longer than them. Please encourage AR500 to post pictures or video of their guards being tested with UNCOATED PLATES, as I already have. And then choose accordingly.

I wish AR500 well, and am truly tickled that they felt my design was worth copying! (Although I would encourage them to reconsider using words like “unique” and “innovative!”)

Well, things have not slowed down appreciably, but I am making headway. I will be taking additional names on the wait list, with a catch: I will only be able to add 6 sets per week. I want everyone to get their guards in a timely fashion, while maintaining my extremely high quality standards, and this is the best way to make sure I am not swamped, and keep the build quality up.

Thank you all for your continued patience!

Due to the incredible current backlog, and the amount of effort required to make two versions of Spall Guards, I am temporarily discontinuing the version 5.1.1 Side Spall Guards to focus on the primary Spall Guards. They will return at some point in the future. Thanks to everyone who has inquired!

The backlog has continued to grow, and since I do not want to keep people waiting (and also do not want to put increasing stress on myself), I am suspending new orders until September 30th. I will still be taking names for the waitlist, please email me with the plate profile and number of guards you would like. Thank you all for your patience!