Frag-Tuf(TM) Enhanced Shotgun Cards

If you carry a magazine-fed long gun, it’s a snap finding good pouches. There’s a virtually endless selection.

Carry a shotgun? You have about three choices: cumbersome pouches, even more cumbersome bandoleers, or cards. And most if not all of those cards use elastic that goes flaccid after use. Not something you want retaining your ammo in a critical situation.

With an eye towards fixing that, D-Rmor Gear has developed the Enhanced Shotgun Card. Built with the usual D-Rmor Gear attention to detail, the FragTuf(TM) Enhanced shotgun cards go far beyond the norm.

Incorporating D-Rmor Gear’s new FragTuf(TM) technology, all critical seams boast enhanced stitching and reinforcement. The shells are retained, not with wimpy elastic (that WILL lose its tension in short order), but with MIL-A-A-55301 IR/Berry compliant webbing. A Trelleborg AB HANK pull-tab completes this rugged ensemble. The hook-covered rear surface facilitates mounting to any loop-covered field. (*Note: these cards are not intended nor designed for mounting to the receiver, due to their size. They will work attached to sticky-backed loop field on a buttstock).

And as if all of that isn’t enough, the Enhanced Shotgun Cards come with an unlimited, lifetime, fully-transferrable no-bs guarantee. If you break it (and please tell us how you managed that!), just get it back to us, and we will repair or replace at our discretion.

Now available in 2-, 3-, 5-, and 7-shell configurations, the D-Rmor Gear Enhanced Shotgun Card is standard in Coyote, *custom order colorways in Black, Multicam, and Multicam Black*

**Just Added** The Micro Enhanced Shotgun Card is desiged specifically for use on-gun, and comes in 3-shell configuration. Two will fit side-by-side on most receivers. Sticky backed loop not included.

These are priced at $18, $22, $24 and $28 for the 2,3,5 and 7-shell cards, and $17 for the 3-shell Micro.

Dimensions (Standard): 2-Shell ~2.3″W x 3″H, 3-Shell 3.1″W x 3″H, 5-Shell 5.5″W x 3″H, 7-Shell 7.5″W x 3″H. (Micro) 3.1″W x 1.5″H. Please ensure you verify the dimensions are compatible with your intended end-use.

Get your D-Rmor Gear Enhanced Shotgun Cards, and start showing your shotgun some love!