Ordering items from D-Rmor Gear is pretty straightforward. Figure out what you want, and send an email with items listed and contact info. You will be given a total with shipping, and a mailing address, at which point you can send either a US postal money order, or a US postal money order.

Why not Paypal you ask?

Good question!

Paypal is rabidly anti-gun, and by using them (even though I know it is just the most convenient thing EVAR), you are indirectly supporting their agenda. As such, think of the little bit of extra inconvenience as a statement of what you are willing to do to support our natural rights.

If the purchaser wishes (and are among those mighty few that support the notion of “lawful money”), I will give you a discount of 10% if paying with metals (gold or silver bullion/pre-65 junk silver/rounds/Eagles/Maples). No numismatic coins or Chinese Pandas please.

Shipping is through the US Postal Service, and unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances, I use flat rate boxes 100% of the time. So shipping costs are easy to figure out. If I can stuff your SWAG so it fits (without damage of course, we are not barbarians here…well, most of the time anyway), it ships.

I ship ONLY to CONUS mailing locations. Please read that again. If you are AFPO or overseas…I am *truly* sorry, but I won’t be shipping to ya. As much as it pains me to not be able to send stuff directly to our incredible service members, there are just too many laws, regulations, etc. to run afoul of one unintentionally without realizing it.

Alaska and Hawaii…contact me to make special arrangements, as the costs may be higher (depending on what the PO is doing that month).

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