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Essential Reading/Book review

Posted: January 20, 2023 in Uncategorized

It is not often that a book can be considered “essential.” But this is one of those times.

Penned by the man some have called “The Nikola Tesla of body armor,” Jake Ganor, his work “Body Armor and Light Ballistic Materials and Systems” covers the entire field of modern body armor. And then goes further.

One of the biggest ongoing issues confronting the average armor user is the seeming incomprehensible labyrinth of options, material combinations, and potential pitfalls (one of the motivating factors of the creation of D-Rmor Gear and our website).

This book cuts through the tangled Gordian Knot of confusion, and makes armor, armor materials, and armor systems apprehensible to the average end-user.

As one of the may examples found in the tome, Ganor solves the mystery surrounding the paradox of why M193 above 3100 fps punches steel, but M855 does not.

Its 264 pages are packed with dense but readable information, delving into both the art and science of Armor and its construction, as well as providing historical context and additional food for thought to anyone that has ever wanted to learn more about this deep and wide subject.

You can find his book at Amazon here:

Jake is also the proprietor of Adept Armor, and is re-shaping and revolutionizing the Armor industry: