***NEW RELEASE*** Frag-Tuf(TM) Mag Pouches

After more than five years of ongoing design and testing, D-Rmor Gear is extremely proud to announce the new Frag-Tuf(TM) line of pouches and gear. In keeping with the theme of all our products here at D-Rmor Gear, these mag pouches are built to withstand the toughest environments.

In the real world, your combat load will take the same kind of beating as your armor. Most regular pouches and chest rigs will fail after one or two exposures to spall/frag, compromising your loadout, and possibly your mission.

The Frag-Tuf pouches are designed to mitigate this risk, by means of the following:

-Gold Standard stitching: We sew our Frag-Tuf(TM) gear with both mil-spec nylon, and mil-spec Kevlar* threads, ensuring that they will hold together, no matter what.

(*Note: Due to the UV-sensitivity of Kevlar, all exposed Kevlar stitching will appear black, regardless of the color of the article. This is due to the Anti-UV treatment we specify for our high-strength Kevlar threads. So don’t blame us, blame chemistry).

-Optimized seam geometry: We threw away conventional wisdom when it came to designing our pouches and rigs. Why? Because most pouches are designed to be produced quickly, rather than focusing on structural integrity.

-Advanced materials: Our Frag-Tuf(TM) pouches and gear incorporate a backbone and pocket skidplate made from the cutting edge Trelleborg AB HANK (High Abrasion Resistant Kevlar) material. In extensive testing, Frag-Tuf(TM) pouches were more than 50% more likely to remain functional after being exposed to spall/splash from rounds impacting adjacent steel plates. In addition, it does not support combustion, and is capable of withstanding temperatures of 250 degrees F continuously. All Frag-Tuf(TM) pouches have a chassis made from this remarkable material.

-FragTuf(TM) FR: For those who want an even tougher pouch, we offer FragTuf(TM) FR pouches, which incorporate advanced fire-retardant 500 Denier solution-dyed, IR compliant Cordura, and Trelleborg AB HANK outer MOLLE grid.

-No metallic components: no metallic components to corrode, tear out, or become secondary projectiles. The design of all FragTuf(TM) pouches allows for ample drainage of sand or water without grommets.

In addition, all our Frag-Tuf(TM) gear incorporates the following features:

-SlimFit MOLLE construction: our pouches are designed to stay in their lane on a MOLLE backing. Many regular pouches tend to crowd their neighbors, resulting in gear that is out of alignment and awkward.

-Extreme light weight: through the use of stronger/better materials, our FragTuf(TM) gear is lighter than the competition. Standard FragTuf(TM) pouches use color-matched nIR and Berry compliant Mil-A-A-55301 Type III webbing for our MOLLE grids. For fabric, it’s 500 Denier solution-dyed, nIR and Berry Amendment compliant Invista Cordura. Other makers use 1000 Denier, which adds unnecessary weight and bulk. Testing has shown that most gear failures happen at the seams, and that fabric strength is secondary to stitch integrity.

-Reduced IR signature: We strive to utilize materials that will lower the IR signature of all of our gear whenever feasible, and the FragTuf(TM) line is no exception. So much so that every piece of gear we make is checked for near-infrared signature before it leaves our hands. Who else can say that?

-No seam tape. Ever. Seam tape is a time-saving tool to allow gear to be made faster. D-Rmor Gear does not and will never use seam tape, choosing instead to optimize the design, even if it takes significantly more effort and time on the machine.

-Pistol mag pouches incorporate two-way retention: for travel, mags are retained by hook-and-loop webbing strap. For quick-access, the webbing can be stowed inside the pouch body, which is lined with loop, for fast mag changes.

-Milspec bungee retention: rifle mag pouches utilize mil-spec elastic bungee retention, ensuring your load is both secure and quickly accessible.

-Center-point stitching: All stressed seams are started and ended in the middle of the run, which prevents the seam from pulling out at the edges.

-Reverse-stitching: Instead of hand-tying the ends of seams, D-Rmor Gear uses (and has always used) reverse stitching, which simply means finishing a seam by reversing over it several times.

-Semi-Custom Options: End-user choice on the outer MOLLE grid material, either color-matched MIL-A-A-55301 IR/Berry compliant webbing, or Trelleborg AB HANK (black or coyote only).

-Double and triple stitching: Single stitched seams are not permitted here at D-Rmor Gear. If it’s worth stitching once, it’s worth stitching two or three times. Does this take more time and material? Yes! But it results in extremely durable gear.

-Designed to attach to your gear using any current MOLLE-connection system, FragTuf(TM) pouches function optimally in conjunction with the outstanding Tactical Tailor MALICE FightLight(TM) clips.

-Made by Americans, for Americans, in America. Everything here at D-Rmor Gear is made from American-sourced materials, from right here in The United States of America, or if something is only available from overseas (such as Trelleborg AB HANK fabric), it is verified to be best-in-class. Guaranteed.

-Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee: All D-Rmor Gear FragTuf(TM) and FragTuf(TM) FR pouches and gear carry an unconditional, absolute, fully transferable lifetime guarantee. If you manage to break it, just get it back to us (and please tell us how you managed to break it!), and we will repair or replace at our discretion.

Initially, we are proud to offer the following FragTuf(TM) and FragTuf(TM) FR pouches:

-Single 30rd AR Mag

-Single 20rd AR Mag

-Single 20rd Large Caliber Mag (Fits FAL, M1A, AR10/LR308)

-Single Precision Rifle (Fits AICS/Magpul)

-Single Pistol Universal (fits single- and double-stack mags, from 13 to 21rd)

-Single SMG Universal (fits most SMG and extended pistol magazines)

-HatchBack 3-Shell Convertible Shotshell Card

-3, 5, and 7 Shell Standard Shotshell Cards

***All will be available in the following colors***

FragTuf(TM) FR- Black, Coyote

FragTuf(TM) Standard- Coyote, Black and Multicam coming Winter 2019


-Single 30rd AR Mag: $36 (FR: $39)

-Single 20rd AR Mag: $32 (FR: $35)

-Single 20rd Large Caliber Mag: $36 (FR: $39)

-Single Precision Rifle: $33 (FR: $36)

-Single Pistol Universal: $24 (FR: $27)

-Single SMG Universal: $32 (FR: $35)

All pouches currently available in Coyote, FR pouches available in Coyote and Black. More color options coming soon, special requests considered. Get yours today!

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