**New Version 6.5** D-Rmor Gear Extreme Duty Plate Backers And Cummerbund Panels!

*****NEW VERSION 6.5 AVAILABLE 11-10-2021*****

Our newest Version 6.5 Backers incorporates as standard 500D Fire Retardant Coyote Cordura outer shell material.

Version 6.4 Backers add the capability of running as standalone concealable soft armor with the addition of our Backer Suspension kit (sold separately), and improved performance with gen 6 woven aramid.

******NEW OPTIONS AVAILABLE 11-10-2021******

Having and using rifle rated hard armor is vital for protection against center fire rifle threats. However, not everyone realizes that it is important to wear soft armor *behind* that protection. This is for several reasons:

First: Any ballistic impact will impart a great deal of kinetic energy to the plate, and by extension, your torso. Having soft armor behind the plate acts to absorb a large percentage of that energy.

Second: If a round manages to partially defeat the plate, it will send shards of metal toward your body. The soft armor plate backer catches these fragments, protecting you from unwanted perforation.

Third: It increases the versatility of your armor system. If hard plates are not required for a certain purpose, the soft armor backers can be run alone, allowing you to keep protection against handgun rounds while minimizing weight.

Currently, most plate backers that are available use older technology laminates in their construction (with the concurrent risks and drawbacks of this type of construction). The remainder utilize construction methods that will cause them to deteriorate and gradually wear out with normal use, never mind the kind of hard use this gear can be subjected to.

I was not satisfied with the current offerings available with soft armor plate backers. 90% contain either UHMWPE or at least a laminate component. The issues and long term durability of these materials have been discussed at length in these pages. The remaining 10%, while 100% woven Aramid (and of decent quality), will show their age with a couple of years of use, and the protective area will decrease as time goes on.

With an eye towards solving these issues, the D-Rmor Gear Extreme Duty plate backers feature:

-100% pure woven Aramid construction, the only Backers guaranteed to be made this way!

-Newest Version 6.5 incorporates ultra-rugged, ultra-survivable 500D Fire Retardant Coyote Cordura as standard
-Special construction methods to virtually eliminate wear-induced deterioration
-Version 6.4 gives end-user the option of using Backers as standalone concealable armor!
-The use of 90 D-Tex Mil-Spec Nylon thread
-Enhanced design to minimize backface deformation, while increasing durability and longevity.
-Bench-tested to meet or exceed NIJ level IIIA equivalence.
-Outer shell of 500D Cordura with Durable Water Resistant Finish (DWR): heat sealed outer shells can trap water within the backers if even a tiny slit or pinhole occurs, while Cordura will do an excellent job keeping water out, while letting it drain if it gets in.
-6.5mm Thick
-Areal density 1.15 psf

****NEW OPTIONS 8-21-2019****

-Upgrade new Version 6.3 Extreme Duty Plate Backers to use as standalone concealable soft armor with fitted, color-matched HANK straps. HANK is a Kevlar-composite elastomer that combines high strength with an extremely thin profile. Pricing for a fitted set of straps (per pair of plate backers) $36 when purchased seperately, and $30 when purchased with a set of Backers.

-Upgrade outer shell to Multicam, ATACS-AU, ATACS-FG (Camo colorways available 11-19-2018)
-Select either shooter’s cut or rectangular profile, no extra charge!
-Now available in ALL major plate/cummerbund sizes and profiles!

Designed to hold up over years of hard use, D-Rmor Gear Extreme Duty Plate Backers and Cummerbund Panels have a *10 YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE* If for whatever reason the backer(s) experience workmanship or materials failure during the course of use during that time, I will repair or replace at my discretion.

No other piece of current soft armor can claim anywhere close to that sort of longevity.

Furthermore, if it is used in a VERIFIED/DOCUMENTED duty or self-defense incident during that 10 year period, I will replace it for FREE. No questions asked. Fully transferrable.

Again, who else? (Hint: NOBODY).

These are available in the following sizes/prices:

Side Plate Backers (Price Per Pair, Inquire For Single Price)

**Add 5% to below listed prices for Multicam or ATACS options**

5″ X 7″ $99
5″ X 8″ $109
6″ X 6″ $114
6″ X 7″ $119
6″ X 8″ $129
7″ X 8″ $139
8″ X 8″ $159

Cummerbund Panels (Price Per Pair, Inquire For Single Piece Price)

**Add 10% to below listed prices for Fire Retardant 500D Coyote/Black Cordura options, add 5% to below listed prices for Multicam or ATACS options**

5″ X 9″ $109
5″ X 11″ $139
5″ X 13″ $169
6″ X 10″ $149
6″ X 12″ $179
6″ X 13″ $199

Cummerbund Panel Sized For Shellback Banshee (Single Piece)

**Add 10% to below listed prices for Fire Retardant 500D Coyote/Black Cordura options, add 5% to below listed prices for Multicam or ATACS options**

6″ X 17″ $139

Primary Plate Backers Single Piece Price/Pair Price
**Add 10% to below listed prices for Fire Retardant 500D Coyote/Black Cordura options, add 5% to below listed prices for Multicam or ATACS options**

8″ X 10″ $119/$199
10″ X 12″ $179/$299
10″ X 13″ $199/$369
11″ X 14″ $219/$399

For sizes you do not see listed, please inquire, and I will build them for you on a custom basis.

D-Rmor Gear Extreme Duty Plate Backers/Cummerbund panels are priced similarly to garden variety soft armor backers, and worth every penny for the legion of extra benefits.

  1. Dave says:

    Do these serve the same purpose as trauma pads or are they used in conjunction w/ a trauma pad?

  2. drmorgear says:


    Soft armor backers provide a dual role- they are both soft armor (which provides a net up-armor to the system), and they provide cushioning/trauma reduction for non-penetrating hits to the plates.

    Trauma pads do not provide any ballistic protection whatsoever, and IMHO, represent parasitic weight and cost that would be better served putting towards soft armor.

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