***Update*** AE-SIR Enhanced Weapon Sling

**Update 8-22-2022** AE-SIR XL Slings are backordered 2-3 weeks, AE-SIR-P Slings are backordered 3-4 weeks. Thanks for your patience!

**We will be offering a new version, the AE-SIR-Lite beginning 9-1-2022!**

With so many weapon slings on the market, it might seem hard to believe that there’s any room for improvement.

And yet, after five years of testing, design, and re-design, the D-Rmor Gear AE-SIR (Aramid Enhanced, Sling Integrated Retention) was born.

The design goals were challenging but straightforward: create the lightest, strongest, most versatile weapon sling possible, while remaining comfortable AND affordable. To that end, there are two iterations of the AE-SIR:

The AE-SIR-XL (ExtraLight) starts with a 1.5″ wide shoulder pad, which is made from incredibly light and strong Trelleborg AB HANK (High Abrasion Resistant Kevlar) fabric. This material boasts extreme abrasion, UV, heat, and tear resistance, while being just the right combination of grippy-yet-smooth. It conforms to your shoulder while weighing virtually nothing, and wont chafe or bite like many other slings.

The AE-SIR-P (Padded) is the Cadillac of the AE-SIR line. It incorporates a wider 2″ user-removable pad, adding a rugged cushion for heavier weapons. The pad is color-matched to the rest of the sling, and adds minimally to the overall weight while helping take the load off.

**New Release coming 9-1-2022** The AE-SIR-Lite will offer all the features of the AE-SIR-P without the pad. You can upgrade to the AE-SIR-P at a later time by purchasing the pad separately.

Not satisfied with normal levels of ruggedness and durability, we decided to incorporate the same Gold Standard stitching used in our FragTuf(TM) gear line, which means -all- critical seams are dual-stitched with both mil-spec Nylon and mil-spec Kevlar threads, to ensure the sling stays together. No matter what. (Note: due to the UV-sensitivity of Kevlar, any exposed Kevlar stitching will appear black, regardless of the color of the article. This is due to the UV-resistant treatment we specify for our thread. Don’t blame us, blame chemistry and the electromagnetic spectrum).

Of course the rest of the sling is built with the finest components available. GhillieTex signature-reduction hardware is used wherever possible, along with 1″ solution-dyed, MIL-A-A-55301 Type III Nylon or Murdock Jacquard webbing, nIR treated and Berry compliant.

1″ webbing was specifically selected to facilitate use with ANY sling mounting hardware, whether they are 1″ or 1.25″. We leave it up to you to choose the sling hardware, we just build the absolute best sling possible and put it in your hands.

Finally, the AE-SIR has built-in versatility, with the ability to convert from two-point to one-point configuration in a split second, without any additional (read: expensive) hardware. For those using QD sling swivels, there is an emergency quick-release side-release buckle on the forend. Unclip, and clip into the matching female buckle on the aft-end. Or, for users of HK-style snap-hooks, there is a waiting mil-spec ITW Nexus Ghillietex D-ring right alongside. Whatever attachment method you use, you are good to go.

The side release buckle also functions as an emergency release in case you need to quickly exit the slung weapon.

With over 24″ of adjustment built in (13″ of rapid, single-handed adjustibility), and a min/max of 45″ to 69″, the D-Rmor Gear AE-SIR enhanced weapon sling is right at home on most long-guns.

And, because it’s us, we are offering an unconditional, fully-transferrable, no-bs lifetime guarantee on the AE-SIR. If you somehow manage to break it, just get it back to us (and tell us how you broke it!), and we will repair or replace at our discretion.

Finally, in spite of the premium materials, the extra time required to build, and the innovation, the AE-SIR was intended to be as affordable as possible. You don’t have to break the bank to equip all of your long guns with what we believe is one of the best slings for the money.

Available in Black, Coyote, Multicam Original and Multicam Black. By special order we also offer Multicam Alpine, ATACS-AU and ATACS-FG.

Pricing is $59, and $79 (for the XL and Padded versions respectively) per sling.

Proudly handmade in The United States of America by dedicated craftsmen, committed to excellence.