Potential Legislation Alert: Outright Ban On Hard Armor Proposed

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Opinion

On Friday, House Democratic Rep Mike Honda exposed his mistrust for the American Public by suggesting that only the military or law enforcement should be allowed to possess, sell, or purchase hard armor:



What this outlandish legislation would do is instantly make felons out of millions of honest Americans. Banning an inanimate object because of what a vanishingly few *MAY* do with it is not only illogical and irresponsible, but unlawful under the public law. It is the equivalent of banning the wearing of seat belts in cars.

Please get out your quill and parchment, and WRITE to the Senators to voice your disapproval of this preposterous affront to health and safety. Armor is part and parcel of ARMS. We the Public need to be heard.

  1. Rick says:

    It does not appear that there are grandfather terms for citizens who own armor prior to the legislation, is that true?

  2. Duane says:

    Midwest is running a Mike Honda sale! Lol!

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