***NOW AVAILABLE*** D-Rmor Gear Version 5.0 Spall Guards

***UPDATE 11-29-2019***

***Version 5.0 of the D-Rmor Gear Spall Guard Is Here!***

The newest Version 5.0 Spall Guard offers across the board improvements over previous Versions: more versatile, more durable, more adaptable, more effective. We incorporated all the lessons of the previous four generations, and listened to your suggestions and requests for what you wanted to see! And each one is custom made to fit your specific plate. Can be used in either 360 (full coverage) configuration, or 180 (neck/face/throat only) configuration, depending on mission!

Use steel rifle plates? Heartbreak of Strike Face Splash/Spall got ya down? Look no further! The D-Rmorgear “Plate Fronters/Spall Guards” are an engineered solution over 7 years in the making.

Many (and continuing!) fruitless attempts have been made to replicate them (imitation being the highest form of flattery!), but unless they are made with the material I have had CUSTOM MILLED for me, to the design I have perfected, they won’t work. Just add weight to your plate, and remove weight from your wallet.

Don’t waste time and money with half-baked copies. Note to imitators: putting half a plate backer in front of the plate does not work. If you are still wondering if the imitators are worthwhile, ask for photographs or video of their testing (WITH BARE STEEL PLATES), then review the D-Rmor Gear SpallGuard test post, showing the effectiveness of my guards with BARE STEEL:


Some makers actually do have video posted that shows their product FAILING to stop frag exiting from the sides of the plate (while proudly stating that no frag came directly back towards the source of the projectile..). Just a quick reminder to them: the tender bits, such as your face, throat, arms and hands, will be found PERPENDICULAR to the face of the plate. Keeping the strike face of a frag shield looking pretty does nothing for your personal safety.

Others have created frag guards that essentially double, triple, or even quadruple the thickness of the steel plates, while adding half again the weight of the plate itself. If I encase a steel plate inside a block of epoxy or UHMWPE, I guarantee no fragmentation will exit. Some solutions add MORE steel to a steel plate. These are brute-force “solutions” that completely negate one of the biggest advantages of steel plates: THINNESS.

Please do your homework before deciding on a spall solution.

D-Rmor Gear Frag/Splash guards are:

-Upcoming Version 5.0, CONSTANTLY IMPROVED
-Berry Compliant
-Modular; Can be used in either 360 (Full Coverage) or 180 (Minimalist) Configurations!
-LIGHT (approximately 8.5 oz. per guard in 360 configuration, 4.5oz in 180 configuration!)
-*Effective* (tested and retested over the last 12 years)
-Syngergistic use of the most advanced materials, woven, non-woven, and wovenate
-Shown to stop 95-98% of perpendicular bullet splash/frag RELIABLY, including edge hits.
-Usable with coated AND UNCOATED steel plates
-LIGHT (adds less than 8 oz. to the plate).

Furthermore, if you ever have need of them (in a *verified* duty or self-defense situation), I will replace them for the life of the product. Fully transferable. I also guarantee them against workmanship defects of flaws for life, also fully transferable. How many other gear makers offer this? (Answer: NONE)

They are custom made to your plate profile, and can be built to accommodate the following plate brands/styles:

*NEW* Chase Tactical AR1000
CATI Shooter’s Cut
AR500 Advanced Shooter’s Cut
Targetman OMEGA

Legacy Plates:

Steel Defender
Diamondback Tactical
Armored Mobility
Maingun Surplus (Version 1 and 2)


If you don’t see it here, chances are it can still be built for you. Extremely durable 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, proprietary/specially custom manufactured/engineered splash defeat materials, including Kevlar KM2 (and other materials), 69 Dtex Mil-spec thread, Mil-spec hook and loop fastening, all Berry Amendment compliant.

**NEW OPTIONS ADDED 11-19-2018**

-Upgrade to lightweight Fire Retardant Coyote 500D Cordura Outer Shell, add 10% to list prices below.

-Upgrade to 500D Multicam or ATACS Cordura (Multicam and ATACS colorways added 11-19-2018), add 5% to list prices below.


1 6X6 Guard $59
2 6X6 Guards $99

1 6X8 Guard $69 + shipping
2 6X8 Guards $129 shipping

1 8X10 Guard $84 + shipping
2 8X10 Guards $149 + shipping

1 10X12 Guard $94 + shipping
2 10X12 Guards $169 + shipping

1 11X14 Guard $99 + shipping
2 11X14 Guards $179 + shipping

Larger or smaller plates, please inquire.

To order, please contact us today.


*Chicks Dig It

NOTE: As with all currently available front-face frag/splash mitigation options, D-Rmor Gear Spall Guards do not completely remove the risk of frag splash. They must be used INSIDE a plate carrier, and must be installed correctly. Like all extant technologies, their effectiveness will diminish with each subsequent hit. Rigorous testing has shown that D-Rmor Gear Spall Guards will significantly reduce the amount of splash/frag to the upper body/face and sides, resulting from rounds impacting the front face of steel rifle plates, but CANNOT and DO NOT claim that they are a perfect solution (there are none, currently).

Copyright 2014-2019 D-Rmor Gear. All trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights and material contained on this website are exclusively owned and controlled by the Members; no material may be used or redistributed without express written consent. All rights reserved.

  1. Josh says:

    A Great Product! I needed spall protection for my custom AR500 plates, so I sent a template and in short order had pair of spall guards. The craftsman ship was top notch, the design completely envelopes the plate and the fit was perfect, plus they weight next to nothing. The service and communication was excellent…a great experience.

  2. I needed spall guards for side plates ordered many years ago. D-R advertised on a frequented forum, so I contacted him. Great communication and the guards fit like a glove. He even contacted me after the sale to ensure my satisfaction.

  3. Mike says:

    These spall guards are tough and they fit like a tight glove. The stitching is military tough, and you can really feel the quality when you handle them. This is a very good value. Buy with confidence.

  4. chris says:

    how much do these add to the dimensions of a plate? i’m looking at some low-profile carriers that “fit up to 10×12 plates” but i’m worried this will add to much bulk to the plates and they won’t fit in the carrier. any chance of that or am i being too paranoid?

    • drmorgear says:

      In terms of thickness, approximately 2.5mm front/rear, and approximately 4-5mm along the edges. Most carriers are sized to accommodate thick UHMWPE plates in the dimension stated, and steel plates with spall guards are still far less bulky than normal UHMWPE plates.

  5. Dennis says:

    How about a MOLLE Pocket in a favorite camo that is attachable to the carrier????

    Geting a plate in and out of the carrier is a pain in many models. You you actually have to doff the carrier. I think this violates the KISS Principle and puts your Azz at risk. Pluse the Crey chassis has been to shown to be a bunch more motion freindly as the carrier is fitted closer to the body. Not saying we need the rigid chassis but less cumbersome is always a help.

    Just a thought….

  6. Brian says:

    Very high quality and great workmanship. Fits the Patriot Plates really well. Will recommend and use for future needs.

  7. Eric says:

    Mistakenly purchased plates without spall guards. Stumbled across this website through YouTube and everyone says they’re great.

    Made my purchase and shortly after the seller contacted me through email to confirm the purchase. The seller kept me updated throughout the process.

    When the guards arrived I could immediately tell that they are made with quality materials. The workmanship is top notch as well.

    Extremely satisfied with my purchase and honestly from what I’ve learned these guards will out perform the spray on guards that come with most plates.

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