WANTED: Beta Product Testers for CanGuard(TM)

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Swag, Uncategorized
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With R&D on the D-Rmor Gear CanGuard(TM) extreme duty suppressor shroud nearing completion:


it now needs to be tested. Hard. Since I am not blessed with a can, I will require the services of 3 volunteers. I realize that there will probably be more than 3, and that I will need to make the selection process as streamlined as possible. And so, below are the requirements:

1. Must be high-volume shooters, with >500 rounds per month.

2. Must put the majority of rounds downrange at rapid fire pace (fast semi or auto).

2. Must have a suppressor with nominal OD of between 1.25″ and 2″.

3. Must not have a suppressor with more than one major OD dimension.

4. Must be willing to document the use of the suppressor shroud in words and pictures over the 3 month testing period.

5. Must be willing to share the documentation with D-Rmor Gear, to include posting on the blog.

6. Must return the shroud to D-Rmor Gear at the end of the evaluation period, or sooner in the event of failure.

As compensation, testers will get the option to purchase a CanGuard(TM) at 70% discount upon completion of the final version. Plus the accolades and gratitude of the internets for helping advance the science of Suppressor Shrouds.

If this sounds like you, please send an email today. This testing and evaluation is slated to begin the second week in October. I will be building the evaluation shrouds to your specific cans, so please provide exact dimensions (break out those micrometers if possible).

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